Cambridge International Examination
Kampus Universitas Al Azhar Indonesia, Ruang Cambridge lantai 2 R.218A
Komplek Masjid Agung Al Azhar
Jl. Sisingamangaraja Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan 12110
Telepon 021 70048484, atau 72792753 ext. 3006
Faksimili 021 7244767
Email dan

contact person:

Midah 085710252458

Ria Herwandar 081314628052

11 thoughts on “CIE OF UAI

  1. as a private candidate, we plan to send our son to sit for primary checkpoint qualification at your center. the question is, when is the due date to register for the test?

  2. Hi! I am going to apply for IGCSE as a private candidate. I would be taking 12 IGCSE subjects and was wondering if it is possible to attain the ICE in UAI within 2 sittings and separate payments for the respective year Im taking the exam (Year 11: 6 Exams Year 12: 6 Exams). Do i have to pay all upfront or can I do it respective to the exam series year Im taking it in and still attain ICE (as it is related with the both years)?

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